Work Done with Permit

Permit Required

The Village of Riverdale requires each resident or business to apply for a building permit when certain work is done on the property. Here is a list of work that requires a building permit:
  • New Construction
  • Additions
  • Demolition of Structures
  • Constructing Garages or Overhead Doors
  • Constructing or repairing Sheds
  • Constructing or repairing Decks
  • Repair of Roofs and Vinyl Siding
  • Repair of Furnace
  • Repair of Driveways
  • Repair or installation of Fences
  • Installation of New Windows
  • Installation of Swimming Pools
  • Most Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Work

Permit Not Required

On the other hand, there is work that can be done on the property that does not require a permit.
Here is a list to follow:
  • Repairing/replacing a single door.
  • Repairing/replacing a single pane of glass (for door or window).
  • Repairing/replacing insect screens on doors and/or windows.
  • Replacing existing locks on doors and/or gates.
  • Painting or varnishing doors and/or windows.
  • Washing interior or exterior walls.
  • Painting interior or exterior walls.
  • Stripping or hanging wall paper or paneling.
  • Installing floor covering (carpeting, floor panels, or floor tiles)
  • Professional carpet cleaning.
  • Installing curtains, shades or blinds.
  • Replacing or installation of smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors; except those that are hardwiring installed.
  • Planting grass, grass seeding, fertilizers/pesticides, or flowers.
  • Basic repair of concrete (fill-in cracks and/or broken corners only)
  • Landscaping and retaining walls that don’t exceed 4 feet in height