Inspection Services


Businesses, residents and property owners are responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of their property. Whether it’s having grass that’s over the allowed height or failing to maintain a fire alarm system, the staff of the Inspection Services Division conducts inspections throughout the Village to ensure that all properties are maintained in accordance to adopted Village Ordinances and respective codes and standards.

The Inspection Services Division is also responsible for conducting all:
  • Occupancy Permits (Rental) Inspections
  • Point of Sale Inspections
  • Annual Licensing Inspections
  • Business License Inspections 

Housing Inspections

The Inspection Services Division also collaborates with the Housing Authority and the Riverdale Resource Center to investigate complaints about properties, unfair housing practices and / or substandard living conditions. Residents are encouraged to report any property that violates Village Ordinances, in general disrepair, or any issue between a tenant and landlord.

Building Permits

The Inspection Services Division oversees all Building Permits. A Building Permit is required for any improvements or repairs being done to a property within the corporate limits of Riverdale. In addition, all contractors performing any work on properties within the Village must be registered, licensed and bonded.

Forms & Applications

For further details, call the Inspection Services Division at 708-849-1798.