Community Policing

Organized Community

A block club is a group of people who live on specific blocks or within a neighborhood area who have organized to improve the quality of life in their community. They connect with each other to strengthen their neighborhood, sharing their ideas of what can be done and combining their talents to make it happen.

Safer Environment

Block clubs can organize to help their blocks become a safer environment to live in. They can work with others to promote local businesses and keep their neighborhood vibrant. Block clubs can organize to ensure accountable and transparent local government and create a powerful voice for the community. A block club is the backbone of an organized neighborhood.

Creating a Block Club

If you and at least three other households on your block are interested in starting a block club, please file a membership application with the Riverdale Police Department and establish a meeting between your block and Chief DeMik and Civilian Block Club Coordinator Andre Russell by calling 708-849-1600.