Snow Removal

Village Ordinance

The Village snow ordinance calls for the removal of automobiles from snow routes after snowfall of two inches or more. Residents are asked to cooperate so plowing may be completed without hindrance. Police Department will tow vehicles which are in violation of this ordinance at owner’s expense.

Clearing the Streets

As plows clear the streets, they push snow toward the curb. Inevitably the snow is pushed in front of driveways and alley entrances. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this problem. Residents must assume responsibility for clearing their driveways and handicapped parking area.

Designated Snow Routes Are Marked

  • 137th Street
  • 143rd Street Tracy - 144th Street
  • 138th Street
  • 143rd Street
  • School Street (138 - 143rd Street)
  • 144th Street
  • 145th Street
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